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We're not just toying around
with branding
Perfect design on
the 1st shot
is believing
Good things come
in small packages

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A well-designed brand commands recognition, acceptance, loyalty and advocacy. At Fuzion Design we leverage our strategic and design expertise to help clients create successful products and brand experiences that engage consumers, drives sales, foster loyalty, and propel their brand to new heights.

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Fuzion’s ability to utilize research & strategic thinking in our design process has enabled us to grow a diverse portfolio across a wide range of industries.

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Secondary Research | Qualitative Research | Quantitative Research

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Brand Strategy | Product Strategy | Communications Strategy

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Brand Identity | Visual Design | Digital Design | Experiential Design

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Industrial Design | Design Engineering | Commercialization

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As an emerging toy brand, one of our goals for 2018 and beyond was to target the Mass accounts. Our current packaging did not fit right for this channel so we hired Fuzion to help redesign our packaging. They completely hit it out of the park and the reception in the marketplace has been unanimously fantastic. Thank you Fuzion… not only did you do an exceptional job with our project, but the team was incredible to work with as well.

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CEO | Brackitz

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wayne and the Fuzion team for over 10 years. I consider them the go-to resource for branding, packaging design and merchandising solutions. Fuzion’s group is exceptionally creative, extremely reliable and downright fun to work with! I’ve always considered them part of my team regardless of the company or industry.

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VP of Marketing | The Fulham Group/Cuisinart Grilling

Creatively brilliant! I just love working with the entire team at Fuzion Design. As a small business owner, I needed to find a creative team who could help evolve my brand to a whole new level. We are a niche market brand in a sea of eyewear giants, and we needed a team to get us noticed and to set us apart! Fuzion Design is THAT team! From branding, logos and tagline to product displays, packaging and collateral materials, the Fuzion Design team worked quickly to produce concepts we just loved. They worked with tight deadlines and WOWed us at every turn! I am impressed with not only their creative talent but their account and project management.  I highly recommend them to every business I come in contact with, and at every tradeshow I attend. They are the creative staff of my company!

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Co-Founder | Real Kids Shades

Although we have a full in-house Creative Services team, we turned to Fuzion Design for help on a significant project where we had reached an impasse. We simply weren’t happy with our own progress, and we felt we needed an external perspective. Thanks to Fuzion, we were able to complete the project—without missing critical deadlines—and are extremely happy with the final results! Fuzion’s very talented team looked at where we were, where we had been, and where we were trying to get, and they helped us past a formidable roadblock. Their fresh approach and design expertise were exactly what we needed, when we needed it most. Since then, we have trusted Fuzion with several additional projects and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership. Not only are they great at what they do, they are an absolute pleasure to work with. A big thank you to Wayne and the entire Fuzion Design team!

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VP, Marketing | Learning Resources

When the time came to brand my new line of insulating window sheers, a whole new category for us, I was referred to Fuzion by a colleague. As a product innovator with over 20+ years of successful retail distribution experience, I was looking for a firm that could deliver a thoughtful approach to both market research and beautiful design, Fuzion delivered on both, from marketing research and strategy to identity, packaging, tagline, website, and store displays, this group met all of the expectations and beyond. With an extremely successful launch, the products are now on low inventory and I’d like to think it was the design that made them stand out. I’ve never before worked with designers who listen as deeply and execute as creatively as Fuzion.

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Founder | CleanBrands LLC

Fuzion’s creativity, along with their ability to execute that vision, have made them an integral partner in fostering the growth of our own product lines. With today’s constantly changing retail demands, Fuzion has proven to be an indispensable resource for all aspects of development, whether product or packaging. Their entire team is creative, talented, energetic and perhaps just as important, pleasant to work with in the face of often impossible deadlines.

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Executive Vice President | Fit & Fresh

We've worked with Fuzion Design on a variety of projects, including brand identity development, package & display design and corporate graphics, and have always found them to produce thoughtful, quality results.  They balance their strong creativity with disciplined project management, to deliver projects on schedule and on budget.  I'd definitely recommend Fuzion Design as an ideal-sized firm -- they produce great results and are great fun to work with!

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President | Auldey Toys of North America

As V.P. of  R&D at Summer Infant and as E.V.P. of Design and Innovation at Dorel Juvenile Group there were plenty of challenges to maintain leadership positions in a highly competitive segment of the consumer product industry.  Several times I needed to call in outside help to keep the projects going. Wayne’s team at Fuzion have always been at the ready to help with conceptualizing and developing product. Their experience and skill set allow them to be highly responsive.  They are passionate and committed, always ensuring that I was more than satisfied with their work. I value their work ethic and will continue to leverage their talents in the future.

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VP, R&D | Summer Infant

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Fuzion team in recent years. They have an amazing team of innovative and talented people that have always been a joy to work with. We’ve worked on numerous high complexity toy project together that I could never have accomplished with out their multi functional creative team of professionals. Thanks for all the support over the years!

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Senior Principal Designer | Preschool Development, Hasbro, Inc.

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Founder | Nosh
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For over 30 years, Fuzion team members have created, influenced, and designed some of the world’s most beloved brands. From concept to completion we in-fuse our passion for brand with our strategic expertise and design ingenuity to create winning solutions that delight clients and their consumers.
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